Surf’s Up Siargao

For one to truly experience Siargao, mingle with the locals, they are what that make Siargao “The Siargao”.


I saw an Island of paradise, beautiful beaches, prestine marine eco-system and an island full of adventure. I thought I was dreaming but only to found out I was just in Siargao.

Siargao is an island located far south-east of the Philippine Archipelago facing the raging Pacific Ocean, thats why all year-round it is bombarded with huge waves – a perfect haven for surfers. And surfing it is that Siargao is known for, it was during the 80’s that International Surfers started to flock to Siargao and now Siaragao is one of the best surfing areas in the world.

Cloud 9

But Siargao isn’t just about surfing, it has natural lagoons that is on par with that of El Nido’s, it has islets ala Maldives, it has vast coconut plantations and has the healthiest Mangrove forest eco-system I’ve ever seen. with that said, there is so much adventures you can do in Siargao.

Visisting Siargao wouldn’t be complete without surfing, and surfing indeed we did – alot. although my surfing skills aren’t that great yet, I had fun and I understand now why it is so easily addicting. On a side note, I was saddened to discover that there was an oil spill; when we were out surfing in Pacifico beach our surfing boards and our bodies were literally covered in sticky black oil. The locals mentioned that sometimes boatmen often throw their crude oil to the open sea and eventually will get wash ashore. I hope the local government of Siargao will do something about this incident coz it is very destructive to the environment.

Pacifico Surf Beach
Covered in sticky black oil

We didn’t missed out on Island hopping too. It was probably the best island hopping I’ve been to, we went to a desserted islet with nothing on it but sand, we went to an Island Community with outstanding seafood for sale and lastly we went to an islet with sand on one side and pointed sharp rocks on its other side. Naked, Daku and Guyam Islands respectively.

If El Nido’s Lagoons are on your bucketlist, then maybe Siargao’s Sugba Lagoon is an inexpensive alternative for you. The journey to Sugba Lagoon is for me the best part because you’ll get to see a massive mangrove forest and views that are very scenic. Sugba lagoon in it self is a wonder of nature, although, it gets a little bit crowded at times especially during weekends or holidays, it would be more enjoyable to visit it on weekdays. And lastly, Siargao’s Magpupungko Beach Pool – natural pools that are formed by the constant barage of big and strong waves. The site is a crowd hoarder but there is still some areas that are less jam-packed so you can still enjoy some private time with nature. The pools aren’t just the thing that amazed me most about Magpupungko, it was the total ban of anything plastic in and around Magpupungko, the ban is very well implemented that it could be use as a model community for other provinces in the country to imitate.

Sugba Lagoon

Our stay in Siargao was made even more special by our generous and welcoming host – The Tesiorna Family. Our Lodging, Transport and most of our meals was provided by the Family – a BIG BIG Thank you!!. For one to truly experience Siargao, mingle with the locals, they are what that make Siargao “The Siargao”.

Just an ordinary day for the Locals
Meet the Gang (From Left to Right) John Mark Milan, Yours Truly, Denise Clarisse Suarez, Lynette Verity Jane Marfa, Alexius Yap and the Host, Senior Art Director of RipeConcepts , Cebu Dim Jorsan Tesiorna.

PS. Try the Pizza at Bamboo Beach Resort at Pacifico, Siargao. One of the best Pizzas ever!

Special Thanks to the Photo Contributors: John Mark, Denise and Dim

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